"There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight"
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



David Lindhard-Tordrup is a health economist with a background in life sciences. David has managed and implemented a range of health economic projects during his time at the London School of Economics and the World Health Organization, covering a broad selection of therapeutic areas including infectious-, non-communicable and orphan diseases, and publishing results in reputable international journals. Prior to this, he worked on basic and applied research projects at the Laboratory of Genome Research, University of Aarhus, on topics including DNA nanotechnology, cellular roles of DNA topology modifying enzymes and novel diagnostic methods for point mutations.

Areas of work


David Lindhard-Tordrup undertakes consulting assignments in a variety of areas, including:

  • Pharmaceutical economics and policy research
  • Pricing strategy and payer research
  • Economic modelling and cost-effectiveness
  • Evidence review and synthesis
  • Business cases in early stage technologies
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Examples of previous work

Research Agenda for Health Economic Evaluation [World Health Organization]
Website: RAHEE | Publications: Tordrup et al., BMJ 2014

Rare Best Practices [London School of Economics]
Website: RBP | Publications: Tordrup et al., Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs 2014

Valuation of Quality Adjusted Life Years [London School of Economics]
Publications: Tordrup et al., IJTAHC 2014

Policy options for the financial sustainability of health systems [London School of Economics]
Publications: Tordrup et al., Applied Health Economics 2014

Access to medicines in the Pakistan 2010 floods [London School of Economics/WHO Pakistan]
Publications: Tordrup et al., Lancet Global Health 2013


Global Health Technology Review | Website: Link
A review of novel technologies addressing global health challenges from labs around the world

Big uses, small devices | Website: Link
Useful everyday applications of ARM-based low-cost devices running Linux and open-source software (non-health)

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